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Why I Love Watching My wife With Other Men.

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I never thought I’d see my wife fucking another man. We met on such innocent terms. I was confident of our love and we had been through so many things together. Not to mention, we were respectable figures in our community. There was almost no possible way I could bring up such a taboo subject without feelings of shame, guilt and condemnation. I have to honestly say that bringing up the subject about playing with others was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my entire life.

What would she say? What if she said no? What if she thought I was a pervert and take the kids and leave me? Needless to say, I mustered up the courage and we did have that conversation.

It was a necessity to have this conversation if I wanted an intimate and fully transparent relationship with my wife.

It was almost 2 years ago now and it went nothing like I had expected! Were there tears? Yes. Only on my behalf that I didn’t come out and tell my wife sooner. I had been having these desires for some time, and not telling your wife your deepest darkest secrets can feel like a form of betrayal. But at the same time, it was a complete release. I was refreshed and so was our relationship.

We began having discussions that we had never had before. How would she feel? Could she physically take on two guys at one time? Did it turn her on? What types of guys was she attracted to? She had never discussed these intimate details with me before either. This opened up a whole new dynamic to our relationship and made our love making hotter than ever. Of course we introduced our fantasies as pillow talk, but I’ll never forget the first time watching my wife being fucked by a single male.

We were visiting one of our now favorite lifestyle clubs on the weekend. It was probably our 1st or 2nd time there actually. I can’t recall how the whole night went, but I remember being impressed with the sexy, upscale atmosphere and the warm welcome the host gave us along with a tour. I’ll skip the other details and only remember that my wife and I went to one of the play rooms on our own. We had spotted a couple while socializing, but didn’t have the courage to go up and talk to them. We selected one of the upstairs private rooms and left the door open a crack. We both started making out and removing our clothes on the sexy silk sheets. My wife’s pussy was super wet just from the atmosphere. The lights, and the sounds of others moans of pleasure filled the upstairs where we were.

All of the sudden another couple walked in and asked if they could join us on the bed next to us? We nodded and asked them to close the door behind them. It happened to be the couple we were checking out before that had followed us into the room. We asked them about themselves, and it turned out it was a single male that was tagging along with another hotwife. (we had no idea what a hotwife was back then) The hotwife’s husband traveled for work and while he is away, she told us, he allows her to play with her boy toy. Everyone was naked and on the beds, so he asked if he could fuck my wife. My wife looked over to me and asked if it was ok. I think my heart started beating with delight as I muttered out the words, “of course.” She knew I wanted this and she was definitely hungry to feel his cock in her pussy.

She started out on top, kissing him and I think he ended up eating her pussy a bit. Meanwhile, the lady friend and I were just watching on the other bed. Without going into a play by play, I can remember pulling out my phone camera and thinking that I wanted to remember the first moment my wife took another mans dick. I only got a few seconds of it, but watching her get pounded doggie style with her face smashed in the bed was one of the hottest moments I can remember.

If you have a fantasy about watching your wife with another man, you’re not alone. According to one article we found one in seven Americans has had a threesome, and one in five finds them appealing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this fantasy and I encourage anyone reading this to have this serious discussion with your partner. Even if you never fully execute on your fantasy, to tell your partner your deepest wants and desires will ultimately bring you closer and create an much more open and honest line of communication between you. Who knows? Maybe they might be open to the idea! Even better!

Share your thoughts. Have you explored either a hotwife situation, MFM threesome or cuckold scene? How did it make you feel? If you’re the wife, how was the experience from your perspective? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Share your thoughts. Have you explored either a hotwife situation, MFM threesome or cuckold scene? How did it make you feel? If you’re the wife, how was the experience from your perspective? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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