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Purple Foot Fetish

As I write my weekly blogs, I try to relate them to my weekly guest.  When I sat down in our Hollywood studio with LA Kink Shrink, and spoke with Dr. Tom Murray a couple weeks prior and then Dr. Lee Phillips whose episode will be released soon, I really got to thinking what other fetishes are out there that I am unaware of.  

I know writing a blog on every single fetish would be a very long entry, but I thought I would touch on the more common fetish requests I receive as a web cam model and content creator and what they are. I will then break down some of these in detail in future entries as to some of the possible reasons some may choose to enjoy a particular fetish.

Age Play:

This is when either just one partner or both take on roleplaying a different age.  A big one is the daddy/daughter or mommy/son.  When this request comes to me as a webcam performer, I do require my “customer” to roleplay as legal age step son with me, however, I do get requests of customers wanting to roleplay as a child which I choose not to do in my shows.  However, age play can be fun when two consenting adults agree to take on a different age and play out a scenario.


This is normally when the female half of a partnership either humiliates her partner by sleeping with another person in front of him or can even go and have sexual relations and come back and share their experience in a humiliating manor.  This kink isn’t only for heterosexual couples—people of all genders and orientations can enjoy cuckolding. You can explore this kink through dirty talk or virtual sex with a third party.

Impact Play:

Impact play requires communication and consent from both partners.  Almost any household item can be used for impact play, paddles, whips, wooden spoon really anything to “hit” the body. Stick to areas that are fatty and avoid where organs reside.  Always begin this type of play and any other slowly.  Establish a safe word if it is too painful and you need your partner to ease off.

Foot Fetishism

Foot fetish is just as it sounds, someone who is turned on by feet. Anything from thinking about feet, touching, smelling and even tasting feet.   One half of the partner will want to engage in foot worship, in which they desire to pamper their partner’s feet by kissing, caressing, and massaging them.  The other side of a foot fetish is humiliation.   The desire to want feet shoved in their face and mouth, or to have their partner walk all over them.   


The most common example of humiliation is name-calling and verbal abuse.  It is important to communicate with your partner how far to take the humiliation. For example, maybe behind closed doors your partner wants to be told she is your naughty little slut but she will not tolerate the word “cunt”. You must together know boundaries.  Then some men enjoy small penis humiliation.  Being told they can never satisfy anyone with their small penis and they are not worthy.  Always make sure you know your limits and communicate them.


This is the actual term for what many of us know as watersports or golden showers.  This is Urine play. The most common way to enjoy pee play is to give or receive golden showers.  Some say it is the warmth of the urine and others incorporate this fetish into humiliation play.

As with all fetishes, and trust me there are many many more, establish your limits, boundaries and desires you want from engaging in the fetish.  You know the saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it”.

Till next time,

Coralyn Jewel 

Source: https://www.hankiepankiepodcast.com/blog/what-really-is-a-fetish/

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