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The Ins & Outs Of A Polyamorous Lifestyle


The polyamorous lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it could be the perfect sexual solution for couples who are seeking to engage in consensual non-monogamy relationships.

Polyamory includes having relationships with one or more people outside of a primary partnership with agreed upon conditions. Other terms you might hear are swinging or open relationships to describe poly lovers. Let’s dive deeper into what a polyamorous relationship is really all about beyond the confines of sex.

Polyamory Isn’t Cheating

Vanilla people tend to view anything outside a traditional two-person relationship to be cheating—including polyamory. However, cheating is defined by a lack of agreement between a partnership that involves deception and secrecy.

Polyamorous lovers have set rules and terms concerning their relationships outside their partnership. Hence, polyamory isn’t cheating unless betrayal occurs by one person inside the relationship.

Polyamorous Relationship Types

A polyamorous relationship can take many forms, so there are various terms you’ll want to know that describe them.

Primary—One’s primary partner is their main squeeze, so to speak amid the polyamorous relationship, and there may not be one necessarily. This might be a co-parent, unwed couples, married couples, etc.

Secondary—The secondary partner often has a more casual commitment with the primary, but sometimes these people can be in committed relationships.

Triads—Triads involve three parties and might be called a throuple. This could involve three individuals who are in a full-time triad, core couples with a unicorn, or all three might date each other individually.

Quads—A quad obviously bumps up the action to consist of four participants. It typically involves two committed couples who have found each other attractive. It’s not unusual for one person from each couple to begin ‘dating’ a person from the secondary couple. Often, quads will share a home together.

Full Quads—When all members of a quad are sexually involved with all of the other members, it’s considered to be a full quad polyamorous situation.

Polycules—Many people are involved in polycules and don’t know it! However, in the realm of polyamory agreements, polycules are when a chain of people are romantically connected in some fashion.

Is the Polyamorous Lifestyle for You?

All polyamorous lovers have various situation and agreements set between them. That being said, it is widely recognized that there are four essential traits and values of successful endeavors in the polyamorous lifestyle. These include:

  • Trust
  • Consent
  • Mutual Respect
  • Communication

If you and your partner have those four key components in your relationship and are considering a polyamorous lifestyle, there are other things to take into account. Jealousy doesn’t fly in any type of swinging relationship. It’s a must that you are open to making connections with others both emotionally and physically in polyamorous relationships.

Poly couples are typically more serious, enduring, and are much more than a one night stand at a swingers club or couples you hook up with from time to time in the lifestyle scene. If you meet these recommended basics, then giving polyamory a try might just be something that changes your relationship for the better!

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