Bizarre Sex

Sex is a basic necessity and the desire manifests itself in many different ways. While sex between opposite genders is the most common, sex between two same genders is also considered not very abnormal. However, in this article we will try and have a look some bizarre and strange sex news articles. They are bizarre because they are true and certainly could go a long way in redefining the way sex looked upon by a few.

Trying His Luck With An ATM Machine & A Picnic Table

A man was arrested for trying to have sex with not only an ATM machine but also a picnic table. This certainly is a case of sexual perversion at its height. He was first caught trying to have sex with an ATM machine. When he was accosted and was being taken away, to the surprise of may, he again broke free and tried his luck out on a picnic table. Though according to police he was intoxicated, this might not be the only reason for the offender having such weird and outlandish ideas about sex. The latest in this news talks about the accused being held in Jail with a $250 bond. This compares less favorably with a man who was arrested and placed under detention without bail for trying to have sex with a vending machine.

Man Tries To Hump The Poor Buffet Table

The saga of strange sex news continues with another highly disturbing episode. It is about a person named Andrew Davidson trying to have sex with a drinks trolley while travelling in a train. He was in a complete state of inebriation and had presumably had a cocktail of drinks which far exceeded the permissible limit. However, before he tried to get into this bizarre act, he seemingly tried to kiss and fondle a female passenger on the train. The young 25-year old person’s behavior was so disgusting and weird that one of the crew members had no other option but to get off the train at the next station. This is not the first time Davidson has been into such strange acts of sexual perversion. He presumably suffers from a deep seated mental disorder and it is important to view it from this angle rather than castigating and admonishing him for the wrong doing. His is a fit case of a person getting into such acts without actually knowing what he is doing in the process.

Man Molests Vending Machine

Apparently Michael Aguiar inserted his body parts and molested a vending machine. Talk about a cheap date. This happened in Palmetto Florida on Sept 2nd according to the Bradenton Herald. Palmetto Police said Michael age 20, denied assaulting the poor vending Machine. Read More:[ Man Arrested For Molesting Vending Machine]

Trying To Have Sex With An Ambulance

This is again the story of another 25 year old man who has been accused of the weird act of trying to have sex with an ambulance. Before getting into this bizarre act, he also set fire to peanuts and literally created a big commotion all over the place. The entire act was captured by CCTV. According to police and other eyewitnesses he seemingly was trying to make love to the front of the ambulance after having set the peanuts on fire. This is not the first time that the gentleman named Calum Ward  indulged in such unusual of sexual expressions. He was held in police custody for a similar incident that happened quite a few months back.

The Poor Girl Friend’s Dog At The Receiving End

Ever heard about a person trying to have sex with a dog? Sounds too bizarre to be true but yes it has happened. Wayne Bryson a young 19-year old man was having sex with his girl friends 4 year old Bull Terrier. The whole incident was captured on the accused persons mobile phone because he has video-photographed the whole incident. The film saw the dog going back and forth as the man was clearly seen inserting his organ on the animal. Though the clip was just around 30 seconds long it certainly has sent shock waves all over, especially to the girl friend with whom he must had a relationship. He has a disturbed childhood and it is quite likely that he must have had similar instances in the past. His disturbed life has led to his being disowned by his family. Obviously, his girlfriend also has ended her relationship with him. The moot point is that he does not seem to have any remorse and it candid enough to own up to the experience. He also goes to state that he just penetrated the dog without ejaculating.


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