Eden After Dark – An Exclusive Upscale Swingers Club In 2023

One of the initial questions a person asks, prior to entering the Orgasm Octagon — otherwise  known as the swinging arena — is: 

“Should I swing solo, or with a partner?” 

It’s a logical query, and one that need be addressed. 

The answer to this question is: 


Swinging alone, or with a companion, is a matter of individual preference. There’s no right, nor  wrong, response here. 

Such stated, your decision depends on a number of factors: 

What’s your goal? 

Should you choose the tandem high wire act, what’s your partner’s goal? 

Are you outgoing, or introverted? 

Is your partner congenial, or reclusive? 

Are you attempting to keep the U.S.S. Failing Relationship from capsizing, by “livening things up?” Are you interested in swinging, or is this something your partner wants to do? Is your consort “going along for the ride,” simply to appease you? 

What’s your relationship with your “significant other?” Are you a Master, and they a slave, or vice  versa? Is she a HotWife, and you a cuckold, or the other way around? Are you a Stag / Vixen? (Our Lifestyle Resources Page Is A Great Resource On This)

Akin to Baskin Robbins, swinging offers a multitude of options. 

As with any endeavor, one should swing because it’s something they desire; an undertaking they’re  curious to try; or have a passion for.

One should avoid entering “The Lifestyle,” if they’ve no interest in it, and are simply doing so to  placate the whims of another. Hopping into bed with a group, in order to pacify the passions of  your husband or wife, can result in disaster, when jealousy rears its creepy cranium. 

Are you shy? Do you feel adding another to the mix — especially one who’s outgoing — will by  that crutch necessary to keep you from falling flat on your face, at a swing club? 

Although this modality can work, it’s not advisable. What happens when your partner isn’t able to  accompany you for a month at a time? Perhaps they’re traveling, and unable to join you at the local  sex circus. 

Should you find yourself in this situation, it’s auspicious to have already honed your social skills.  A smile, a wave, or a simple “Hello!” go a long way. 

Since most people love to hear themselves talk, give ’em a reason to. Once you start their motor,  they’ll take it from there. After an hour of hearin’ ’em jaw about trivialities, even though you haven’t  uttered a word, they’ll laud you copiously for being a “tremendous conversationalist.” 

Next you know, you’re in a room with them, their friends, and their friends’ friends — causing  vanilla flavored lube the be the next GameStop on the NASDAQ. 

If you hanker to play with as many as possible, it’s advisable to do so as a soloist. Such affords  one the freedom to enjoy whomever, whenever — as long as everything is consensual, of course. 

Playin’ the Numbers Game, while totin’ a partner along for the ride won’t be fun for your  companion. They’re apt to feel left out, bored, jealous, irate, or a combination of all four. 

If you’re a single guy, aspiring to become the next Mauritzio Zanfanti, TT Boy, Wilt Chamberlain,  or even Fidel Castro — who allegedly bedded 35,000 women — it’s tempting to add a woman to  the mix. Most people — other women included — love women, and guys often view them as  “bait.” 

However, you’ll have more freedom if you take this exit alone. 

Playin’ solo piccolo, you won’t have to leave clubs early, should your partner be having a shitty  time. Vice versa: If you’re havin’ a rough night, you won’t have to stick around, simply because  your significant other is being hit with more balls on her chin than Johnny Bench…… More to come later….