Eden After Dark – An Exclusive Upscale Swingers Club In 2023

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Thank you for submitting your Keyholder Application for Eden After Dark! We will review your application to become a Keyholder within the next 3 business days and notify you of your Keyholder Status.

* If you are partnered, each person much individually submit their information. You may submit on behalf of your partner, however, Please do NOT use the same email address for both persons*

If you do so, you will release the Kraken and we will all surely parish…

*Please note: if you did not submit a clear, non X-rated, face & body picture without the use of any filters (I.E. puppy dogs ears), your application will not be considered and will automatically be rejected.

Thank you so much for your interest in Eden After Dark, and we look forward to possibly seeing you at our next exclusive members only event! Questions, comments or curiosities? Email us at Admin@EdenAfterDark.com or, start a LIVE chat with a real, sexy human in the bottom right of your screen.

– Christian


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