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How To Land A Unicorn


Many couples involved in the swingers lifestyle find themselves seeking a single female to play with, and these love goddesses are often called ‘unicorns.’ Being a single woman in the swingers arena can be personally challenging, so landing a unicorn for your threesome is best approached with a bit of finesse.

Here are a few tips for success.

Know What You’re Looking For

Partners should discuss exactly what their goals are for the union, what kind of unicorn they want – She Wants a Butch…He Wants a Fem – and whether either party has any apprehensions. There’s no greater turnoff for a unicorn than couples who are ill prepared or who seem uncomfortable within their own relationship.

Go to a Unicorn Night

Many swingers clubs feature a weekly or monthly Unicorn Night, which entices those single female swingers to show up with their horns. Those new to swinging may just want to mingle, be voyeurs or exhibitionists, or simply chat with other like-minded couples.

Remember, you might not attract a unicorn on your first try, but making yourself visible on the scene is a great start.

Avoid Objectifying Unicorns

It’s important to avoid objectifying unicorns right off the bat and assuming they are literally stunt vaginas. Sure, some of these ladies love objectification, but others may be more sensitive. Engage your unicorn enough before the deed so you can take an appropriate approach. Remember, single females are people too.

Be Generous with Pleasure

It’s likely the swingers community is tight-knit and those unicorns talk in a special language, and you’ll gain a reputation of sorts. Couples known as champions of pleasing others will certainly increase their chances of riding unicorns regularly. Be sure to inquire with potential playmates about their fantasies, needs and desires and be prepared to meet those expectations

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