Eden After Dark – An Exclusive Upscale Swingers Club In 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, you should expect to be in an accepting, safe, and comfortable environment. We operate on the principles of inclusion.

Event types will vary. Some are “vanilla” and in public settings, such as a meetup or a “munch.” Some are in upscale hotel suites or in partnership with local “Lifestyle” clubs, wherein adults will have the opportunity to enjoy lifestyle activities. At no point will you ever be pressured by anyone to participate in any form of adult activities at our events; doing so will always be of your own consent and free will.

Overall, you should expect to have a seriously sensual good time with like-minded individuals!

Event invites will contain detailed information as to what style the event will be.

We accept keyholder applications from all walks of life. However, our staff hand selects applicants for approval based upon an evolving criterion that we feel best suits our event styles and the interests of our keyholders (physical appearance, lifestyle interests, etc.).

Admission varies from event to event. When you receive your invitation to a specific event, any applicable admission costs will be clearly outlined at that time.

The location depends upon the event. Some will be held in high end hotels, some are in partnership with local lifestyle clubs that have a physical location. Some will be hosted at pools, while other events are “vanilla” and will be hosted in a variety of public venues.

Unless there is a themed event (ex: a Pajama Party) guests are expected to dress to impress. A suit and tie isn’t necessary; however, no sagging pants, ball caps, political attire, open toed shoes/flip flops, gym attire, etc. Again, dress to impress. Try to make a great impression upon everyone else attending!

We will host a variety of events with specified themes (or “categories”), so be on the lookout for these!

A professor once said, ” To be early is to be on time; if you’re on time, you’re late.”

We are sticklers for punctuality. Your invite/RSVP will clearly state the event start time and when doors close for the evening. After doors close, there will be no entry or reentry. This is for the safety and privacy of all of our guests.

We accept keyholder applications from all walks of life. However, our staff hand selects applicants for approval based upon an evolving criterion that we feel best suits our event styles and the interests of our keyholders (physical appearance, lifestyle interests, etc.). Furthermore, we only invite like minded people to a specific event. For example, if we are holding an event with a predominantly LGBTQ+ guest list, for the comfort and safety of those who attend, we would avoid inviting persons who have identified themselves as heterosexual. The same is true for a predominantly heterosexual guest list.

Yes. For new members, we send a detailed email with the basic rules/precepts of the “lifestyle”.

Furthermore, we offer ongoing education on being ethically involved and active within the “lifestyle”. Should you ever have any questions on any subject matter at all, please feel free to approach/contact us at any time, either during or outside of an event.  


Minimum age is 21, Age range is 21 and up. Average age is approximately 35. 

We NEVER under any circumstance whatsoever sell alcohol. However, we do provide a variety of packaged mixers, water, and non alcoholic beverages. 

Yes. Your information and photos submitted with your Keyholder application are 100% safe and securely stored within our 256bit encrypted dedicated data server (located offshore in Southeast Asia, outside of U.S. jurisdiction, with two factor authentication as well as biometrics). Your information will never be shared or sold with outside sources.

Just to make this really simple, here are the most common reasons for a denied application:

*You did not include a picture for your application, as was specifically requested in the form.

*You did not indicate an interest in anything other than straight oriented events. We do not focus on straight orientation events because there are numerous other options for that. We are dedicated to our alliance with the LGBTQ community and we will not entertain the risk of a straight oriented person exhibiting homophobic behaviors or speech. If you are not comfortable with others embracing their own alternative sexualities in your presence, we cannot allow you to attend out events. (If you feel like you marked this in error, please email us directly at admin@edenafterdark.com)

*We ask that all of our Keyholders and potential Keyholders be at least moderately height/weight proportionate. This is in no way meant to exclude those who do not fit that criteria, but we also do not want to put anyone in a situation at an event where they are left out of activities due to their size. (We can make recommendations for alternative event venues that are more likely to produce a more successful outcome at events.) Additionally, there is often a direct correlation between having significant mastery over both body and mind, which is exceptionally important when it comes to the more taxing practices involved in the kink and BDSM communities.

*You are outside of our tentative age range. If you are under 21, it is a HARD NO. Sorry, kiddo. Wait until you can legally join us for meetups in a bar. At this time, we do have a tentative maximum age for Keyholders. Some exceptions will be made, of course, but in our years and years of experience in the lifestyle, we have both found that events tend to be more successful when people within a certain age range are closer to the age of others in attendance.

Have a swing lifestyle event question not addressed here? Feel free to Contact Us

Most of our swing lifestyle events are in Las Vegas NV where we are headquartered as well as Southern California.

However, We do have events all over the country.

Any questions, comments or curiosities feel free to use the live chat in the bottom right corner (yes a real, sexy, flesh and blood human answers). Or, feel free to email Admin@EdenAfterDark.com at anytime.


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